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NOTE: This blog gives a "behind the scenes look" at the progress of the RadeonHD driver's development. As such, its contents reflect the state of the development version of the driver, and not the state of the publicly released version.

RadeonHD: Accelerated Development

I am pleased to announce that Trevor Dickinson (A-EON Technology) and I have concluded an agreement for continued development of the RadeonHD driver for AmigaOS. I am currently working to get the driver fully ready for 3D, and to release quality (i.e., to version 1). Thanks to the support of Trevor Dickinson (A-EON Technology), I will be able to devote more time to RadeonHD driver development over the next few months, and achieve this goal much sooner than would otherwise have been the case.

The features being worked on are:

R5xx Compositing or R6xx Blitter Acceleration Poll Closed

The poll that was run asking for input as to what should be developed next has now been closed. 151 votes were cast, of which 85 (56%) were for R5xx compositing and 66 (44%) were for R6xx blitter hardware acceleration. Given these results, R5xx compositing will be developed next.

RadeonHD - Help Decide What is Developed Next

This is just a quick post to the RadeonHD development log in order to point people to the poll regarding what should be developed next. Basically the choice is between finishing off 2D support for R5xx based cards (i.e., Radeon X1000 series) in the form of hardware compositing, or starting on 2D blitter support for R6xx based cards (i.e., Radeon HD 2000 and 3000 series). This is your chance to have a direct input on what happens next. Please note that R5xx chipset compositing will be completed eventually regardless of which option is chosen; the results of the poll will change what order things are implemented.

Projects » Amiga OS 4 Projects » RadeonHD Driver » RadeonHD Development Log