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NOTE: This blog gives a "behind the scenes look" at the progress of the RadeonHD driver's development. As such, its contents reflect the state of the development version of the driver, and not the state of the publicly released version.

RadeonHD.chip - Radeon HD 4350 PCI VGA Output is Working

Radeon HD 4350 screenmode closeupAfter days of persistent effort, the VGA output on Radeon HD 4350 that eXec magazine donated to me is finally working on Amiga OS 4.x. This is the first time that a current generation graphics card is working on Amiga OS 4.x. Granted, there is no hardware acceleration yet, but the start is there. The problem was small, but very hard to find. To give people an idea of how frustrating driver development can be, here is the whole saga.

RadeonHD - Status Update and Thank You for Your Generosity

I would like to thank everyone who have donated generously to the RadeonHD driver for Amiga OS 4.x project over the last few weeks. All donations small and large were most appreciated, and shows the level of interest in this project. Some people even donated over $100 NZ ($50). Rest assured that I will work hard (time permitting) toward developing a releasable driver. A special thank you to the eXec magazine in Poland for their donation of a Radeon HD 4350 PCI card, and for their campaign to support this project.

Projects » Amiga OS 4 Projects » RadeonHD Driver » RadeonHD Development Log