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NOTE: This blog gives a "behind the scenes look" at the progress of the RadeonHD driver's development. As such, its contents reflect the state of the development version of the driver, and not the state of the publicly released version.

R5xx Compositing is Done

R5xx compositing on Amiga OS 4.xI am pleased to announce that compositing for R5xx based cards (Radeon X1000 series) is now done. This marks a major milestone in the development of the RadeonHD.chip driver. Namely, full 2D graphics acceleration is implemented for an entire series of graphics cards. The screenshot below shows  Workbench with compositing effects enabled being displayed by a Radeon X1550 graphics card. As you can see, the errors that were present in the previous screenshot are now gone (the development log entry containing the previous screenshot is included in the image below for comparison).

R5xx Compositing - Partially Done

R5xx partial compositing support screenshotIt has been a while since I posted an update about this RadeonHD driver for Amiga OS 4.x project. At present I am still working on implementing compositing for R5xx chipsets (Radeon X1000 series cards) but, there is progress. The screenshot shown below (and the thumbnail image to the left) was captured from a Radeon X1550 PCI card when running Amiga OS 4.1 with compositing enabled. As you can see, basic compositing is operational.

Projects » Amiga OS 4 Projects » RadeonHD Driver » RadeonHD Development Log