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RadeonHD - What Should be Developed Next?

EDIT (2009/05/16): This poll is now closed. Thank you to the 151 voters for participating. Hardware compositing for R5xx chipsets will be developed next based on a majority vote.

With 2D blitter implemented for R5xx chipsets (Radeon X1000 series cards), there are two options for what to do next. The first would be to finish off 2D support for R5xx chipsets by implementing compositing; the other would be to switch to the Radeon 2400 pro PCI card, and implement 2D blitter for R6xx chipsets (Radeon HD 2000 and 3000 series). Full 2D support for both chipset series will be implemented regardless of which route is taken. However, it does change which is done first.

The advantage of continuing with R5xx chipsets, is that implementing compositing would take less time than starting on hardware acceleration for the R6xx chipsets. It would also mean that one set of graphics cards is fully supported. On the other hand, this would mean that users of R6xx based cards would have to wait even longer. Also, AMD have recently dropped support for R5xx based cards from their drivers, indicating that they already see them as obsolete.

Both options require me to implement microcode uploading. R5xx chipsets require the command processor's microcode for 3D operations, whilst R6xx chipsets require the microcode for any GPU operation. While work on this is in progress, I would like to hear what other Amiga users think the next step should be. Please vote in the poll below.


Results for the poll on what to develop next


Projects » Amiga OS 4 Projects » RadeonHD Driver » RadeonHD - What Should be Developed Next?

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  • I voted for R6xx because the production of card based on r5xx is dropped and R6xx card based are not expensive for the users. Maybe after you can finished the driver for R5xx if you want.
    Thanks for your support

    Posted by Henry Out, 05/05/2009 3:54am (12 years ago)

  • Better 1 complete card driver than 2 not quite usefull. All wait R5xx with support 2D & 3D.

    Posted by wasp, 04/05/2009 2:51pm (12 years ago)

  • way to go hans!

    Posted by spotUP, 02/05/2009 7:06pm (12 years ago)

  • Hi

    thanks for the hard work you have put into this project.

    I voted R6xx, as R5xx are hard to buy now and most common ppl buying 3000/4000 cards here.

    Posted by asymetrix, 02/05/2009 5:28pm (12 years ago)

  • Nice progress! I voted for finish R5xx first. It would be a good experience, so for R6xx you will finish faster. ;)

    Posted by Chip, 02/05/2009 3:57pm (12 years ago)

  • Hello Hans
    Nice to read about the progress on these drivers. Keep up the good work it's very much appreciated.

    Posted by Troels, 02/05/2009 3:03pm (12 years ago)

  • Thanks for doing this for the Amiga!
    I must disagree with Piotr however.. Better to get new card drivers ready then developing for older card models that can hardly be bought anymore, or atleast will not in the near future. 3000-series is still quite plentiful which 1000-series is not.

    Posted by Harry Samwel, 02/05/2009 6:44am (12 years ago)

  • better 1 complete card driver than 2 not quite usefull

    Posted by Piotr, 02/05/2009 4:19am (12 years ago)

  • Thank you very much for your support to the AmigaOS and its community!

    Posted by Enrique Mecklenburg, 02/05/2009 4:14am (12 years ago)

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Projects » Amiga OS 4 Projects » RadeonHD Driver » RadeonHD - What Should be Developed Next?