Page comments I voted for R6xx because the production of card based on r5xx is dropped and R6xx card based are not expensive for the users. Maybe after you can finished the driver for R5xx if you want. Thanks for your support Tue, 05 May 2009 03:54:57 +1200 Henry Out Better 1 complete card driver than 2 not quite usefull. All wait R5xx with support 2D & 3D. Mon, 04 May 2009 14:51:37 +1200 wasp way to go hans! Sat, 02 May 2009 19:06:46 +1200 spotUP Hi thanks for the hard work you have put into this project. I voted R6xx, as R5xx are hard to buy now and most common ppl buying 3000/4000 cards here. Sat, 02 May 2009 17:28:15 +1200 asymetrix Nice progress! I voted for finish R5xx first. It would be a good experience, so for R6xx you will finish faster. ;) Sat, 02 May 2009 15:57:20 +1200 Chip Hello Hans Nice to read about the progress on these drivers. Keep up the good work it's very much appreciated. Sat, 02 May 2009 15:03:55 +1200 Troels Thanks for doing this for the Amiga! I must disagree with Piotr however.. Better to get new card drivers ready then developing for older card models that can hardly be bought anymore, or atleast will not in the near future. 3000-series is still quite plentiful which 1000-series is not. Sat, 02 May 2009 06:44:10 +1200 Harry Samwel better 1 complete card driver than 2 not quite usefull Sat, 02 May 2009 04:19:16 +1200 Piotr Thank you very much for your support to the AmigaOS and its community! Sat, 02 May 2009 04:14:14 +1200 Enrique Mecklenburg