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Technorati Ping no Longer Working

Technorati has not updated this blog's posts in nineteen days. This is despite me using their manual ping function every time that a new entry is posted. Problems with updating started occurring some time after I started using FeedBurner. Whether these two events are related or not is uncertain. Technorati is certainly updating most Blog feeds.

Searching through Technorati's forums and help pages, it appears that there are plenty of other blogs (including some popular ones) that are having updating issues. The specific reason for the issues are almost always uncertain. Technorati's help appears to be somewhat sporadic. Some report Technorati helping them solve issues immediately whilst others received a slow response, an incomplete response, or even, no response at all. 

From the server logs it is clear that the Technorati bot is no longer visiting this website. It is possible that it has been flagged for review for some unknown reason. However, given that so many others are having troubles (some for much longer), it seems unlikely. Everything on this blog is within Technorati's terms of service.

I have submitted a support ticket at Technorati, but have not yet had any response. My hope is that they will fix the problem soon, because Technorati was one of the few sites for promoting blogs that I have tried, that has actually had an effect (albeit a small one).

Blog » Technorati Ping no Longer Working

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Blog » Technorati Ping no Longer Working