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Technorati Ping is Back

Earlier it was noted that Technorati had stopped updating its listing for this blog. Well, as of today, it is back up and running (see this blog's page on Technorati here). I received no response from my support request. However, they have fixed whatever problem was causing it to fail.

As yet, the "blog reactions" still has not updated. "Blog reactions" are posts on other blogs that link to this blog. Seeing as Technorati has a bit of a back-log, this may come later. Nevertheless, it is good to see that Technorati is once again updating this site's entry again since, To date, Technorati is the only blogging hub that has resulted in any incoming traffic. Now that it is working properly again, hopefully the trickle of visitors will restart.

Blog » Technorati Ping is Back

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Blog » Technorati Ping is Back