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Site Redesign

I've redesigned the website to encompass more of my interests. My interests and projects stretch far beyond just Amiga OS 4. Therefore making this one of the main sections simply made expanding this site difficult. Hence, I have changed the site's structure, before such changes become major overhauls. The lack of visitors at present makes this easier; there are no external links that will be screwed up by this change. 

Talking about visitors, the initial few people that discovered this site may have been an anomaly; no-one has stumbled on this site since. It is safe to say that no-external links results (as expected) in a low number of visitors. Cross-linking is one of the ways that search-engines determine a web-page's ranking.

I am almost at a point at which I can put enough content on-line that I am comfortable with adding external links to this site. Once this is done I'll be watching the logs in order to determine how quickly search-engines and internet users respond. Whilst this may sound rather boring to some, this information is may be useful to website builders wishing to gauge how changes affect site traffic.

Blog » Site Redesign

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Blog » Site Redesign