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Relight - Photo Colour Correction Software

Reddish Portrait
Reddish Portrait - Enhanced

Back in February, I announced that I had founded a company, and was looking for beta testers for its first product. I've been hard at work since then, I am pleased to say that this first product is now available. Called Relight, the software is designed to fix the lighting/colour issues in photos quickly and easily. It specialises in this one task, making the user interface easy to understand and learn (unlike heavyweight image processing applications with their myriads of controls). For example, the photo on the right was taken indoors, and ended up looking rather red. Using Relight, this was corrected to produce the enhanced photo below it, and it only took a few seconds to do. As you can see, the colours have been corrected, and now look the way that they should.

While I'm pleased to have reached this stage, I already have plenty of ideas for enhancing Relight, for version 2 and beyond. There is plenty more that I would like it to do (while still remaining easy to use, of course). Having said that, I would be very interested to hear what other people think, and what they would like to see in a program such as this. So, if you have tried out Relight and have any suggestions or comments, please send a message via the company's contact page.

P.S., If you're quick then you can get a 41% discount. You'll have to hurry though, because the introductory offer ends 4 November 2012 (New Zealand time).

Blog » Relight - Photo Colour Correction Software

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Blog » Relight - Photo Colour Correction Software