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Month in Review

This site has been up for almost an month now. Most of this time has been spent generating content to put online. The initial build of the website was fairly rapid, taking only an evening or two. This is due to how Silverstripe is to use. Some technical issues got in the way (see previous blog posts), but this is a spare-time project, so one cannot expect rapid progress. Nevertheless, a few templates and programming articles are online, along with a page (and gallery) about MiniGL 2.0 for Amiga OS 4.

As can be expected for a new website, traffic has been low. In particular, external links were not posted until about a week ago, keeping this site below the radar for almost everyone. At present, not much has been done in order to attract views. As more content is added, I will look into promoting the site a little more seriously.

At this stage it is difficult to know which web-log analyser to trust. All three analysers that I am evaluating give slightly different results. Google Analytics is by far the most advanced; but, it misses things (more about that some other time). Webalizer does not miss traffic from older browsers like Google Analytics. Unfortunately, it is missing some statistics such as "absolute unique visitors." AWStats looks promising, but can't recognize locations of visitors. Also, AWStats has only been running since June 11, so it's data is a little short for this month. 

Time for some statistics:

 Number of Pages
 Size of site  16.1 MB
 Number of Visits 151 (AWStats), 192 (Google Analytics), 603 (Webalizer)
 Number of unique visitors
 59 (AWStats), 41 (Google Analytics), 80 (unique sites, Webalizer)
 Total pages
2070 (AWStats), 1099 (Google Analytics), 6332 (Webalizer)
 Bandwidth97.1 MB (AWStats), 172 MB (Webalizer)

NOTE: Google Analytics and Webalizer were operating from June 2; AWStats started on June 11.

These statistics include accesses by me. The high number of page-views (particularly from Webalizer) can be attributed to my trial-and-error approach to adjusting the site templates. Many page refreshes and cache flushes were involved in this process. This is evident in the ClustrMap snapshot (below); the large circle over Toronto, Ontario, in Canada, is me.

A snap-shot of visitor locations on 1 July 2008.

Blog » Month in Review

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Blog » Month in Review