Blog » Month in Review - March 2009

Month in Review - March 2009

This month, the major change to this website was a proper logo, and corresponding layout changes. This was motivated in part due to Google disabling my AdSense account (thanks to visitors to this site making invalid clicks on AdSense advertisements). Other improvements to usability, have also been made. I did intend to write a blog entry regarding creating logos with no budget, but I have lacked the free time necessary to make that happen. Maybe later...

The statistics for the last month:

 Number of Pages
 Size of site 113.8 MiB (HELM provides the total)
 Number of Visits 1182 (Google Analytics)
 Number of unique visitors
895 (Google Analytics)
 Total page views
3231 (Google Analytics)
 Bandwidth 1.81 GiB (server control panel)


A snap-shot of visitor locations on 1 April 2009.



Blog » Month in Review - March 2009

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Blog » Month in Review - March 2009