Blog » MiniGL 2.1 Beta for Amiga OS 4 Released

MiniGL 2.1 Beta for Amiga OS 4 Released

Celestia running using MiniGL 2.x on Amiga OS 4.
Celestia running using MiniGL 2.x on Amiga OS 4.
I'm pleased to announce that MiniGL 2.1 beta has been released. This release includes many bug fixes, including the elusive MiniGL watchdog task crash, which was responsible for random lockups. The release also includes updated developer files for all new features in MiniGL 2.x.

MiniGL is a 3D API which is compatible to OpenGL(tm). It implements a subset of that API and was designed for speed, therefore it directly interfaces with Warp3D. This also means that there is currently no software mode.

MiniGL 2.1 beta can be downloaded from os4depot. More information about MiniGL 2.x can be found here.

Changes in V2.1

  • Fixed the bug in the MiniGL watchdog task. GL screensavers should no longer freeze.
  • Fixed a problem that occurred when vertex arrays were included in a display list
  • Fixed a bug in rendering huge vertex arrays
  • Fixed rendering of line strips and line loops. No more spurious extra lines (e.g. Celestia, GLBoxed blanker and the Dr. Fungi demo)
  • Lots of other bug fixes
  • Added pop up requesters informing users of problems (e.g., wrong MiniGL.library version)
  • Added stack cookies to demos using GLU NURBS functions in order to ensure that they have enough stack
  • GLUT now only requests a stencil buffer when applications ask for one
  • No longer need -DMINIGL defined when compiling OpenGL apps

Changes in V2.0

  • Added support for evaluators (glMap*, glEvalCoord*, glMapGrid*, glEvalMesh*, glEvalPoint*)
  • Added selection support (glListBase(), glNewList(), glInitNames(), glLoadName(), glPushName(), glPopName(), glSelectBuffer(), and glRenderMode())
  • Added gluPickMatrix()
  • Added gluProject()/gluUnProject()
  • Added glGetDoublev()
  • Added glIsTexture()
  • Added glGetTexEnviv()
  • Added glGetLight*() functions
  • Added GL_PROXY_TEXTURE support
  • Fixed some rendering bugs (e.g., a bug causing incorrect lighting for clipped primitives)
  • Added const qualifiers to improve OpenGL compliance
  • Mglut.library now has glutKeyboardUpFunc(), glutSpecialUpFunc(), and glutIgnoreKeyRepeat()
  • Added text functions to Mglut.library (glutBitmap*(),  glutStroke*())
  • Added glPushClientAttrib()/glPopClientAttrib()
  • Added glDrawPixels()
  • Added game mode to mglut.library
  • Added glutDeviceGet(), glutLayerGet(), glutGetModifiers(), glutSetOptions() and expanded the number of attributes supported by glutGet()
  • Added glut geometry rendering functions including the teapot functions
  • Added glut overlay function stubs for completeness (overlay is not actually supported)
  • Added glGetMaterial*()
  • Added the complete set of glNormal*() functions
  • Added glGetTexImage
  • Added full set of glPixelStore modes, as well as glPixelTransfer
  • Added glutTimerFunc(), glutCloseFunc(), glutWMCloseFunc()
  • Added glutWarpPointer()
  • Added glutExtensionSupported(), glutIgnoreKeyRepeat(), glutSetKeyRepeat(), glutKeyUp(), glutSpecialUp(), and glutForceJoystickFunc() (note: no joystick support yet)
  • Added stubs for glutSetColor(), glutGetColor(), and glutCopyColormap() (note: these functions really don't make sense


Blog » MiniGL 2.1 Beta for Amiga OS 4 Released

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Blog » MiniGL 2.1 Beta for Amiga OS 4 Released