Blog » Googlebot Knows How to Use Search Engines

Googlebot Knows How to Use Search Engines

Recently I noticed that Google's "Googlebot" was using this website's search engine. This is not exactly surprising since a website's search engine may be able to find pages that are not well linked to by others. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see how the Googlebot performs its task. Here are some entries from the log (truncated so that its easier to fit into the page):

url=search/&commit=Search&q=operates Mozilla/5.0+(compatible;+Googlebot/2.1;++
url=search/&commit=Search&q=resulting Mozilla/5.0+(compatible;+Googlebot/2.1;++
url=search/&commit=Search&q=gl Mozilla/5.0+(compatible;+Googlebot/2.1;++
url=search/&commit=Search&q=truly Mozilla/5.0+(compatible;+Googlebot/2.1;++
url=search/&commit=Search&q=fullscreen Mozilla/5.0+(compatible;+Googlebot/2.1;++
url=search/&commit=Search&q=occurred Mozilla/5.0+(compatible;+Googlebot/2.1;++
url=search/&commit=Search&q=screens Mozilla/5.0+(compatible;+Googlebot/2.1;++
url=search/&commit=Search&q=hack Mozilla/5.0+(compatible;+Googlebot/2.1;++
url=search/&commit=Search&q=shift Mozilla/5.0+(compatible;+Googlebot/2.1;++
url=search/&commit=Search&q=ddc Mozilla/5.0+(compatible;+Googlebot/2.1;++
url=search/&commit=Search&q=wordpress Mozilla/5.0+(compatible;+Googlebot/2.1;++
url=search/&commit=Search&q=compositing Mozilla/5.0+(compatible;+Googlebot/2.1;++
url=search/&commit=Search&q=avaliable Mozilla/5.0+(compatible;+Googlebot/2.1;++

It looks like it is taking individual words from this website, and feeding them into the search engine. However, it never reads more than the front page. This can be seen because there is no start parameter included in any of the URLs. Google's bot is the only one that I have noticed using the search engine so far.

Blog » Googlebot Knows How to Use Search Engines

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Blog » Googlebot Knows How to Use Search Engines