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Free Ideas Available Now

A new page is up in the projects section. This page is the dumping ground for all worthy ideas for software/gadgets that I have had, which I do not have time to develop myself. Anyone and everyone is welcome to peruse this page, and take what they wish. My only request in return is to receive credit for the idea, should anyone make some of the ideas a reality. I should be updating this page occasionally, whenever I have more good ideas that I wish to give away.

The current two ideas on the page stem from my current evaluation of web-server log analysers. In a previous post, I listed a few short-comings of various log analysers. I also suggested that there is much more useful information that could be extracted from the logs. The animated visitor location map and 3D visitor path graph are both vizualization concepts that would improve log analysis.Have a look at the free ideas page.

Blog » Free Ideas Available Now

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Blog » Free Ideas Available Now