Blog » Email is Hindering Data Analysis

Email is Hindering Data Analysis

Having signed up to Technorati, Zimbio and Blogged, my goal is to examine how effective each of these are in bringing traffic to this blog/site. At least one of these three sites has brought in a few visitors to the blog post titled: "A Skeptic's View of Technorati and Zimbio." These visits came either from (i.e., links from someone's inbox), or were marked as direct links. The direct links are most likely from email clients too. Thus, I have no idea which of the three blog directories/search-engines sent the emails containing the links. 

Unless the identity can be discovered of the site that sent the emails in question, the results of this blog directory experiment will be skewed. As yet, I have not seen any "email me new blog posts" buttons on any of the sites. So, if you were one of those who followed a link to this blog from an email, it would be greatly appreciated if you could leave a comment stating which site sent the email. Alternatively, send an email to one of the addresses listed on the contact page.

Blog » Email is Hindering Data Analysis

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Blog » Email is Hindering Data Analysis