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Forums » Amiga OS Projects » SAPPHIRE 11191-02-20G

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Author Topic:SAPPHIRE 11191-02-20G 8905 Views
  • jacknife01
    Community Member
    4 Posts

    SAPPHIRE 11191-02-20G Link to this post

    SAM460EX/1.2 ghz+2gb DDR2-800+1gb Radeon 6570 dvi+Sil3512+ 1TB sata2+AmigaOS4.1 upd 6 +HP 23 LED

  • Tlosm
    Community Member
    10 Posts

    Re: SAPPHIRE 11191-02-20G Link to this post

    hi ,
    i have the 6670 GDD5 1GB card on my Sem 460 ex 1,017 ghz
    http://www.ebay.it/itm/390573057946?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649#ht_2241wt_910 <--this one

    http://hdrlab.org.nz/benchmark/gfxbench2d/OS/AmigaOS/Result/1238 this is the Gfxbench result.
    Everything is working good... the problem is one if i reset with the keyboard or with the reboot commant in wb the system dont boot nothing ... everything become black and nothing moore.
    Plus i cant boot without startup sequence from early boot i have black screen and nothing moore

  • Hans
    231 Posts

    Re: SAPPHIRE 11191-02-20G Link to this post


    I'm a little surprised that there are still Radeon HD 6xxx cards that don't handle a soft-reset correctly with version 0.55. Having said that, these cards were never designed for a soft-reset. AFAIK only AmigaOS does a soft reset; all other OSes have hard-reset only. IMHO, the soft-reset has always been a bit flaky, even before the RadeonHD driver existed.

    Regarding the early boot menu, I've found getting into the boot menu and booting with no startup sequence to be difficult since I switched from using a PS/2 mouse on my (now dead) A1-XE to using USB mice. That includes all machines used since, including the Sam460ex.

    I guess that I'll add your card to the compatibility list as partially working. I don't have the time to work on getting every single individual card working, which is why I recommend that people buy a card that's known to be working. You can do this either by buying from an AmigaOS dealer, or by checking the compatibility list. Having said that, are you able to capture debug logs via the serial port?


    P.S., I do check this forum, but not every day (too few posts to be worth it). If you urgently need to contact me, then see the contact page. You don't need to go via Spectre660.

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Forums » Amiga OS Projects » SAPPHIRE 11191-02-20G