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New Project: Bountiful Potential

Wow! It's been years since I last posted an update on this blog. If you're wondering what I've been up to, then I suggest you check out my company's website: Anyway, I've been working on something new. It's something completely left field for me; not tech. related at all. The idea popped into my head as I was out for a walk, and was so compelling that I had to make it happen.

It comes from the combination of three things:

  1. The birth of my first child (who was still in Mama's womb when I got the idea)
  2. Hearing other parents telling their kids that they're useless (e.g. "you fail at everything")
  3. Meeting adults leading living mediocre lives because they believe the lie that they're no good at anything

Thus, the new project was born. It currently has a range of infant bodysuits/onesies with little reminders of the child's bountiful potential. The idea behind them is this: parenting comes with many challenges, and we periodically need reminders of what we're making all the sacrifices for. We want our children to live meaningful and fulfilling lives, and to turn potential into reality. That's only going to happen if we parents guide and nurture them well. The little reminders in our infant clothing can be used to check our own attitude and behaviour toward our children, so that we can continually renew our efforts to be the best example and support to them.

Bountiful Potential is still in its early stages (I've got more in mind than inspiring clothing), but it's here now. Please check it out, and let me know what you think.

Here's the link again:

Oh, and here's a peek:

Future Genius Baby Bodysuit/Onesie Worn By Happy Infant

Blog » New Project: Bountiful Potential

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Blog » New Project: Bountiful Potential