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Off-Site Backups

As the name suggests, off-site backup services provide backup storage space at a remote location. These are usually accessed via the internet, although other methods may be avaliable (e.g., restores could be done via CD/DVD).

Why use an Off-Site Backup Service?

Whilst making ones own backups is a good idea, if they are stored at the same location as the main files, then a disaster such as fire could still destroy all copies of the data. An off-site backup overcomes this issue by storing the backup at a remote location. Whether an off-site backup is necessary depends on how important the data is, and how much effort would be required to rebuild that data (or create something similar).

Desirable Specifications

Here are a list of things to look for in an online backup service:

  • Secure connection to backup server,
  • Encrypted backup (the backup service provider should not be able to read your data),
  • Multi-machine backup on a single account,
  • Data storage Guaranteed against loss,
  • Support for all operating systems that you use, and
  • low cost.

Mozzie Online Backup

The service that I personally use is Mozzie Online Backup. It satisfies the list of requirements above. What I like about the service is:

  • It supports multiple operating systems, including Linux,
  • Multiple machines can be backed up on one account,
  • It is low cost,  $5.95 NZD (approx. $3.22 USD or $2.42 Euro on 18 January 2008) for 10 GiB, and
  • Email notifications are given for backup events, including when scheduled backups are missed.
More details can be found at their website. There are plenty of other online backup services globally, so it may pay to spend some time searching for one that suits your own personal needs.

Articles » Protecting Hardware and Data » Off-Site Backups